Frank’s Political Comments

July 18th, 2019

Too pissed off to write about it.

July 16th, 2018

Frank is a traitor of the Democratic Party because he thinks most Democrats are out of their mind. As a registered Democratic he would not vote for a Democratic ever again. These powerful Democratic fuckers have so much control of our Media it feels like they are just one big ego dictator that will only broadcasting what they want us to believe. Even some Republican members are believing our Democratic investigators about a Russian involvement and they have failed to think about our investigators that said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, they told us Hillary’s email had no classified documents yet the emails had classified documents, they told us that the 150 billion given to Iran was Iran’s money yet it was used to supply our enemies, build nuclear weapons in other countries and raise a holy war throughout the world. With all the covet operations and secret judges they do control the stories that are given to us. We have a serious problem in America because we don’t know what to  believe anymore. If the U. S intelligence has evidence, show the evidence to us don’t just tell us. If these people had weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, show some evidence and let us decide if that justifies a fucking war. What also has pissed me off is a cop that stopped a man for a traffic violation, a summary offense and then shoots the man in the back repeatedly as he ran away – just how sick is our culture in America? These was not even a misdemeanor violation it was a summary offense and a man is shot in back? Just because a man has a badge doesn’t give him the right to kill a man if that victim didn’t do everything the man with a badge says. All of our good police will now suffer serious backlash because of these wrongful actions and the entire organization has lost its respect.

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