Supreme Court and Congress Out of Control

God   It’s Payback Time!

Justices of the Supreme Court you have a problem here. I sent you evidence certified by an attorney of law that Pennsylvania committed fraud upon a Federal Court and you dismissed it? Are you out of your f–king minds? I’m hoping to show social media my evidence so we can get rid of you assholes. The Supreme Court Justices sit there and tell American Citizens: We are Legal Gods and access to our court in going to be limited to 2 or 3% of the cases that you give to us – that doesn’t seem like access to our courts to me? Then you tell us if you attack our legal system in any way you will certainly be denied any consideration and we shall reserve the right to fine and punish you if we want. Frank Nuclear says go F__k yourselves, clean up your act or get the hell out of there. How can America have law and order when the highest court in the land is corrupt? Our lawmakers in Congress have end-run our United States Constitution by passing ex post facto laws which has created hysteria by giving a green light for all the States to pass even more ex post facto laws. Thus you can’t have law and order in the United States when our legal system (including Congress and our Courts) are end-running our constitution and protect each others corruption like a Mafia Family!

The United States Supreme Court willfully, wrongfully, and unconstitutionally protected the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for committing fraud in a Federal Court of Law? Not only did this freaking State of Pennsylvania hid false testimony in the lower court they told a Federal Court that my evidence of false testimony was excluded in the lower court so it couldn’t be used. I now have the evidence proving this was a total lie to this Federal Court so PA could further protect their dumb asses for a railroaded conviction for misdemeanors. When I finally got my hands on the hidden evidence of false testimony and showed it to this Federal Court: Pennsylvania had the balls to tell this Federal Court that my evidence proving false testimony was excluded in the lower court  when it was not. This fucking federal court refused to hear my repeated claims of PA fraud and my new evidence was dismissed by this court and thus hid the fraud of PA again. I was so pissed off I went to the FBI and the FBI told me to get more evidence and let the courts handle it so I hired an attorney to search the entire lower court records and he affirmed that the evidence of false testimony was not excluded in the lower court.  When I gave all this evidence to the United States Supreme Court these Supreme Court Justices failed to even address the fraud and obstruction of justice by Pennsylvania. I show on this website all the evidence that was submitted to the U. S. Supreme Court and they ignored all of it, so I want the American People to judge and punish these Supreme Court Judges. All this evidence is in public court records and the fraud by PA has been totally ignored and covered up by our United States Supreme Court. As an Honorable Discharged Veteran I am totally appalled that this kind of illegal activity can happen in America. If you read all of this evidence on this website you will know why I’m nuclear.

This mistake by the United States Supreme Court has allowed my ex, Chris Boyd Sontag now Chris Sanders to literally destroy my step daughter. My ex induced and suggested violent indecent assault stories and used forged life insurance policies from Erie Insurance Exchange to instill death threats into her very own daughter. I know these life insurance policies were forged because Scott Wood said he forged my name on them to win a contest at the company. The orchestrated stories by my ex to brainwash my step daughter were so strong that Kathryn forgot a real police report of indecent assault by four boys with a knife and could not remember any sexual counseling for such: thus causing Kathryn to testify to the suggested stories by her mother and causing Kathryn to commit the false testimony and perjury. These actions had ruined Kathryn’s life and these instilled fears have been causing Kathryn frightening nightmares to this day.  The United States Supreme Court has ignored my evidence and this has allowed Kathryn’s fears to continue. I have been so concerned about the fraudulent legal system in this country that I have ignored the wellbeing of Kathryn so I’m now going nuclear to end her suffering. The smoking evidence is contained in the menu above and related links – check it out and see just how fraudulent our legal system is today.

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