U.S. Supreme Court and Congress Out of Control

   To Our U. S. Legal System!

Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court you have a very serious problem here. I sent you evidence certified by an attorney of law that Pennsylvania committed fraud in a State court and then again in a Federal Court and you dismissed it? Are you out of your f–king minds?  How can America Citizens have law and order when you the highest court in the land protects the illegal activities of our States? Then we have a Congress that keeps passing unconstitutional and more of their self protecting laws which only protects their asses while f–king the rest of us. The question becomes – how do we stop you? This site will prove that Absolute Power leads to Absolute Corruption. When all these bastards fraudulently railroaded me with a no contest plea for misdemeanors and tied it a murder they pissed off the wrong person. These nuclear words and my evidence are intended to FUCK THEM UP! Pardon my french throughout.

I have the evidence proving the following:

 Not only did this freaking State of Pennsylvania hid false testimony in the lower courts they told a Federal Court that my new found evidence proving false testimony was excluded in the lower court when it was not. The f–king Federal Court in Erie refused to address my repeated claims of PA fraud in their court. I was so pissed off that a Federal Court would protect a State Court that I went to the FBI. The FBI told me to get more evidence (they did not offer to help me at all) and they said let the Supreme Court handle it; so I hired an attorney to search the entire lower court records and he affirmed that my new found evidence proving false testimony was not excluded in the lower court. I then gave all this evidence to the United States Supreme Court and these Supreme Court Justices failed to address any of the fraud going on at the State level or the Federal level. Thus the United States Supreme Court willfully, wrongfully, and unconstitutionally protected the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania who committed fraud in the State Courts and Federal Courts. As an Honorable Discharged veteran drafted into one of their illegal wars I am again totally appalled and pissed off that this kind of illegal activity can happen in America. You would hope that the United States Supreme Court still had a legal duty to expose evidence of any fraud going on in our Courts but it seems that would have required some constitutional law knowledge, what was I thinking? If you read all of this evidence on this website you will know why I’m nuclear. Hey when the Supreme Court fucks you what the hell can you do in the United States of America? I had to go nuclear and I’m looking for a revolution to stop the insanity in our legal system! 

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