Attorney confirms Pennsylvania’s Fraud

I, fjs thee Beast 666, showed the United States Supreme Court evidence of fraud upon one of their Federal Courts and our fucking highest court just dismissed it. Seems our legal system is out of fucking control and justice only serves their illegal cult members. So, the fucking beast 666 will expose all their corruption and demand legal reforms. Go ahead and tell me it can’t happen in American; do you want to make a bet?

Here’s just one of my Motions I filed in the Erie Federal Court. 

Judge Baster states in the record above: As a result of a motion of limine the evidence of an assault and subsequent rape counseling was excluded. This stupid bitch knew that Kathryn had denied under oath any sexual counseling for an indecent assault because I showed the court records of Kathryn’s denial and yet the bitch believes the DA filed a motion of limine and got the evidence of sexual counseling and the police report showing they had to go to the Rape Crisis Center dismissed. So, ask yourself, how in the fuck can any honorable court dismiss perjury evidence? Let’s make this fucking clear for Judge Baster:

Kathryn testified under oath, that no indecent assault with sexual counseling ever happened in 1987 but the indecent assault with hand jobs, watching x rate videos, blow jobs, and death threats I said about Frank did happen from 1986 to 1988 at Grandview Blvd. Come on Judge Baxter, if all these new claims by Kathryn was happening at the same time of the sexual counseling, could a trained sexual counselor have really missed all of Kathryn claims: hand jobs, watching x rated videos, blow jobs, and death threats during sexual counseling at the Rape Crisis Center? It is obvious that you lack any qualifications to be a judge. Thus, I motioned this bitch repeatedly that the DA was lying his ass off and she denied every fucking motion. A note to her: Fuck You!


The following is the SMOKING GUN EVIDENCE against the Commonwealth of PA that proves without question that they did indeed lie and committed fraud upon a Federal Court. This evidence was crystal clear, Kathryn had sexual counseling for an indecent assault by four boys with a knife and yet under oath she denied any such assault and sexual counseling and replaced it with a far worst indecent assault and death threats. Testimony by this sexual counselor would have proven Kathryn’s perjury but the controlling powers in Erie, PA couldn’t allow that because Kathryn was related to the Ex-Mayor of Erie and my attorney’s brother was PA’s Ex-Governor, Tom Ridge who had ties with Erie Insurance Exchange. Erie Insurance had sent the forged insurance papers (policies I never signed) to my home when we separated.  My ex used these forged policies on her own daughter for two years to instill death threats upon her which has destroyed and tortured this young girl for life. The following documents were copied from U.S. Supreme Court records:


Here’s what the bitch Baxter said about the Brady Law and how she ruled: the Brady Court refers to nondisclosure of exculpatory evidence to defense counsel, she implies after repeated motions that Frank must be fucking retarded because she states that is not the case here because of the exclusion of evidence at trial by way of an evidentiary ruling by the trial court, a Motion of Limine. How in god’s name could anybody believe that exculpatory perjury evidence of the State’s key witness was somehow dismiss in a trial court: you have to be fucking nuts. Obviously, nothing ever dawns on this stupid bitch. Maybe now, you will see why I’m so fucking pissed off about the legal system? I can’t even sue the bitch because of her god damn immunity but she did commit a serious obstruction of justice and should be impeached and disbarred.

The fucking Supreme Court of the United States saw all this evidence and dismissed it. You talk about some brain-dead mother fuckers, so now you know why I am attacking these maggots. You can only find this much corruption in a third world country so legal reform is mandated; we can’t allow this kind of shit in America.


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