Attorney confirms Pennsylvania’s Fraud – Supreme Court does nothing!

Supreme Court   It’s Payback Time!


I now show page 157 that was submitted to the Supreme Court in a PETITION FOR WRIT OF CERTIORARI showing that I had repeatedly filed motions claiming that the Commonwealth of PA fraudulently lied to a Federal Court by stating that my new found evidence proving false testimony was excluded, when it was not suppressed or excluded by them. I repeatedly told this Federal Court that the Commonwealth was lying but it was like talking to a wall. Talk about a wall: Susan Baxter, the Federal Judge, told me it was not her duty to investigate PA fraud. Our whole legal system is brain dead obviously.

I repeatedly filed documents like this to this Federal Court in Erie PA.



Showing false testimony is the only defense for misdemeanor sex crimes so after this Federal Court screwed me over I went to the FBI and they said we can’t help you but you get the evidence and let the courts handle it. So I then hired an attorney, William Hathaway, Esq., to get the evidence to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the Commonwealth of PA was indeed committing fraud and lying to this Federal Court and submitted this to the U.S. Supreme Court – they said it’s a sex crime fuck him. So here’s the proof that the Commonwealth of PA did indeed lie to this Federal Court to hid their fraudulent conviction for misdemeanors. The following evidence was shown on pages 144-146 to these simpletons and they dismissed it. See for yourself it is black and white for IQ’s higher than 70.



 Sex is the new weapon in America especially when you have to take misdemeanors all the way to the highest court in America and can’t win even when you prove a fraudulent conviction. These fuckers are nuts! 

Here’s the evidence of false testimony and why they committed fraud


Sorry, Here’s proof that Victim did commit perjury and false testimony and did go to Rape Crisis Center for Sexual Counseling:

Here’s the Police Report of this sexual assault which victim denies and testifies that I did the assault: PA hid this evidence and then committed fraud in a Federal Court to protect their illegal conviction just because the victim was related to our Ex-Mayor in Erie, PA. Thus they knew Kathryn was lying her ass off.

The U.S. Supreme Court saw all this evidence and would not do a thing about it. Now you know why I went Nuclear…..

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