Evidence of the False Testimony

Here’s the perjury evidence that Pennsylvania has willfully and wrongfully hid from State and Federal Courts and the fucking U.S. Supreme Court refused to correct any of it just to protect all the constitutional violations of attorneys and judges in their kangaroo court system. They are all fucking sick mfers and we must expose this kind of corruption in the American Legal System.

These court documents were actually taken from U.S. Supreme Court records from the Writ submitted to them. This court wrongfully refused to correct false testimony/perjury of the State’s key witness which was a total mind fuck and heinously appalling for the highest court: decide for yourself.



Here’s the highlighted perjury testimony from the Court Documents above. 

My attorney:   When you were younger you had to go talk to people from Rape Crisis when you were younger? Do you remember talking to people from Rape Crisis when you were younger?

Kathryn answers: NO

My attorney:    Do you remember talking to some counselor when you were younger?

Kathryn answers: Yes But they never asked me about — if I was ever sexually abused?


After Kathryn testimony the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania hid the following perjury evidence in State Court and then fraudulently told a Federal Court that it was dismissed in the lower court which was even more fraud committed by the State in a Federal Court. Here’s the evidence:

False testimony confrimed


The following Rape Crisis letter proves the Millcreek Police Report was accurate and proves Kathryn’s perjury: “Kathryn did talk to people at the Rape Crisis Center and did definitely talk about being sexually abused in 1987 by counselor Kathy Peterson concerning the above Millcreek Police Report.” Sexual counselors normally start with any sexual abuse at the home so, this counselor could have verified during counseling, that Kathryn could have never been threatened with death fears, forced to watch xxx rated movies, forced to perform hand jobs, nor was Kathryn ever asked to perform blow jobs: as Kathryn did claim in her testimony. So, you can see Kathryn’s mother and/or others instilled lies into Kathryn’s head with fake abuse stories, and fake death threats, and the forged insurance policies were actually presented to the court to verify the death threats. I told my fucking attorney, the unethical Dave Ridge, Kathryn’s was lying her ass off, but he did not believe me since the State of PA said they had supplied all discovery evidence in the case. The State of PA hid all this evidence and actually committed more fraud upon a Federal Court to keep it hidden. The U.S. Supreme Court refuse to correct any of this fraud. So, fuck our level system: I now have all the evidence showing all the corruption in our legal system, so I have no respect for anyone in our American legal system especially after the motherfuckers at U.S. Supreme Court refused to address any of the fraud.

Nov 4th was a typo error, but her letter shows the date correctly.

Here’s the original letter that was sent to the Rape Crisis. I need to prove to you that this Rape Crisis letter above from Suzanne Porowski was indeed referencing the same counselor that indeed dealt with Kathryn S. Boyd denial of ever going to the Rape Crisis Center and Kathryn’s denial of receiving any sexual counseling All of which relates to the above Millcreek Police Report in 1987, case # 87-565-10.

The Rape Crisis Center was also required by law to report this to: The Erie County and Youth Service Agency, and they never gave me an answer to that question which raises more questions about hidden evidence. 

I took me five years in State prison to discover the additional Rape Crisis Center evidence which the State of PA unconstitutionally keeps hiding in the current court system and no further Court in our fucking American Legal System will serve them with any criminal misconduct. The fucking Senate and House have given them absolute immunity, so you can’t even sue them if they violate your constitutional rights when ruling in their official capacity. Go Figure, reminds me of the Mafia.


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