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Attorney Dave Ridge running for Judge in Erie, Pennsylvania Could he lose the election? Yes he could:
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6-27-2019 – U.S. Supreme Court screws up again

According to NewsMaxTV: The U.S. Supreme Court ruled today that courts cannot block gerrymandering. Or read with meaning of the word gerrymandering reads as follows: The U.S. Supreme Court ruled today that courts cannot block the manipulating of boundaries of (an electoral constituency) so as to favor one party or class. If this is true America we are in serious trouble!  See comments by USA Today


5-12-2019 Obstruction of Justice by U.S. Supreme Court!

If you give a shit about obstruction of justice check out this entire website because even the U.S. Supreme Court is guilty of obstruction of justice. Thus law and order is defunct in the America’s Legal System today. All American values have been changed or throughout by these dork suckers. Congress is creating problems which will have to be decided by our United States courts: the problem is that our courts have committed an even more heinous obstruction of justice and there is nothing we can do about it. Here are the documented facts on this website: The state of Pennsylvania hid perjury and false testimony and when I finally got my hands on the hidden evidence of perjury during an appeal in federal court, the fuckers in PA told this federal  court that my new found evidence proving perjury and false testimony was dismissed in the lower court when it never dismissed, as this website now proves. I had repeatedly asked that federal court to grant a hearing to prove that the Commonwealth of PA had committed fraud upon their federal court and this federal court just said fuck you, dismissed. I then sent the new found evidence back to the lower court, and the lower court asshole ‘Judge Ernest DiSantis’ saw the perjury and false testimony and also knew that PA had committed fraud upon the federal court in Erie and that mother fucker told me I submitted the evidence too late: so this mother fucker should be disbarred along with the federal courts judges that refused to address it. Finally even worst, the U.S. Supreme Court should also be held accountable because they saw all the hidden evidence, the proof of fraud upon a federal court and all this obstruction of justice and they refused to correct it. The U.S. Supreme Court thus committed an even more heinous obstruction of justice by allowing a state to hid evidence and allowed a state to commit a heinous fraud upon a federal court of law which allowed the state of PA to coverup all their unconstitutional activities. I did serve this country for four years and fought an illegal war for these assholes and then to be truly fucked by these imbeciles is certainly not what this country was founded on.

Here’s a summary of the comments received . Some of the readers on this website, think this website is a fiction novel because they and as I had thought: that this kind of illegal activity in our American Legal System could not be true. Let me assure you, all this unconstitutional activity by our American Legal System included the U.S. Supreme Court is real and they have committed these crimes. The crimes committed by Congress and our American Legal System including our highest court are now documented here and in public records so we have a very serious problem in America because the American Legal System appears defunct. I wish all this was a fictional story because this reality is frightening. I have been away for awhile because Congress has put me in a state of shock mainly because I have a hard time believing there are this many imbeciles in this country. And just how in the hell can you have law and order when the highest court in the land doesn’t have any? Our legal system is so out of control that I feel there is no fix and that has seemed like a nuclear explosion in my mind. Some of the comments suggest I should start a donation link and use the money to help organize a citizen group to oversee these imbeciles but the corruption of our legal system and government officials has created such a diseased culture in America that death of law and order seems to be inevitable. Insanity is all around and that scares me to death. If you have any ideas to fix this mess please let me know at: comments@obstructionofjustice.frankgoesnuclear.com 

I have proven obstruction of justice by the highest court in the land so I ask, who really cares about law and order from any court ruling concerning obstruction of justice or anything else for that matter? Yes it is fucking insane and they are out of control. Hang in there if you are as scared as I am: I’m still working on it and looking for a fix!


1-21-2019 Had to take a break – check this out…

OK there hasn’t been a comment on how to fix this out of control legal system in America but it seems many of you have had a similar unconstitutional dealing with our courts in America. We may have to organize to get this system back to honoring our U.S. Constitution. The legal system in America has just given too much protectionism for judges and our lawmakers. Can anyone tell me how the President of U.S. who has total access to our national security and then decides to keep possible terrorists out with an order, can have one fucking judge that has the power to stop the order concerning national security with only limited knowledge of what the hell is going on. These fuckers have protected their power and controlled us for too long now! They keep end-running our constitution and they maintain complete control of their organization to insure that they appear to have superior knowledge of what is good for us. We have allowed these mother fuckers to have too much power and we must make some changes. I would like to assemble a few good men who understand that our laws need to be flexible and that no law works if it hurts another group of people. Science and Math would also be required to address all of our issues to end this corruption within the current legal system. Some may wonder why I just said a few good men and did not include women.

Here’s why: We have a culture that believes that only women can legally kill an evil man for physical abuse and yet we do not have a law that allows a man to kill an evil woman. We have laws for sexual harassment where a man will lose his job almost immediately for an innocent touch on a women’s body yet some women can touch, feel, hug, and kiss any women at work and that is almost never considered to be sexual harassment thus some women have a serious end-run  of  our sexual harassment laws. Our culture is seems to believe there are no evil women on our planet that is a serious mistake. I have dealt with Satin’s Sister and yet most of our culture has refused to believe that Satin could have a sister. There is something wrong with a culture that believes only men can be sexually evil. We also have some men that will defend a women without any evidence. So just because a women cries and wines many of these men just help because they believe that they might just get lucky later; how sad is that? After listening to Dr. Ford I was ready to believe her until no evidence was presented to confirm her statements and yet there are still men running to help her. Why America still believes women and children should always be first and that men should go down with the ship implies men are not worth saving if any women or child are present and then there are some men that just believe they would be a hero of some kind but dead. I’ll save my own and I’m not talking about my ex (Chris Boyd) but I’ll not savings any women or child when I don’t know for sure if they are good or evil. If you think I would save Dr. Ford or Chris Boyd (my ex) before me it’s not going to happen but my children will be on my back as we escape the danger. The legal system assumes incorrectly that all women are to weak to defend themselves and must always be protected, too bad that we all know some women who could beat the shit out of many men that we know. Our legal system believes incorrectly that some women can party their asses off, get drunk, take all their clothes off and tease every man at the party but if she says she was raped the next morning our legal system only holds the men criminally responsible. Thus our legal system implies only women can party and get drunk and they also have no responsibility for there actions as they cry and wine the next morning. I’m assuming there are not enough men in this country to stand up for some Men’s Rights. Not all men are evil and not all women are evil but our legal system fails to understand that some women are evil and that these evil women are using the legal system for their own evil games to hurt and destroy some good men. There is a saying: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned so if hell can’t compete with a woman scorned what do thing her evil rating will be if you scorn her? Seems like these women have control of our legal system and if you don’t think, so you haven’t been in the American Court System with a scorned woman. Have a good day and find a good woman if you can. Send any opinions to our editor:  editor@frankgoesnuclear.com

10-27-2018 Addressing Your Comments

There are many comments thanking me for the valuable information. I would like to post them but there are too many with links and viruses and I don’t have time to clean them all. What seems to be missing in your comments is: How can we correct the frauds committed by Pennsylvania, the State and Federal Courts including the U.S. Supreme Court? I have all the evidence on this website to destroy the entire legal system in America so the question becomes how do we attack a legal system which has violated everything we have believed to be true concerning justice and law and order? There is a serious mental health issue in our legal system today because they have a very limited common sense mind. This current legal system has the power to convince American Citizens that a green light is red when they know it is green. This is causing a conflict in the minds of the American People because who knows what to believe anymore. NEXT- Who can tell me what is right about being stopped for a tail light that is out and if you run away you will be shot in the back not once but repeatedly? Who can tell me what is right about setting up reports of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq then destroy the country’s infrastructure and then pay for all the damage we caused? Listen our government kills anybody who threatens our national security and sometimes innocent people die: but if other countries do the same, it seems to be illegal. Question may be: was Iraq controlling Isis and we didn’t know it. CHECK OUT INVESTIGATIONS- Funny how everyone in Britain knew and confirmed in just one day that Russia had poisoned Skripal and then ask yourself why can’t our legal people find any smoking gun evidence proving a Trump-Russia Collusion after spending millions of dollars for months maybe years. All our government convert secret agents can control everything, so how in the hell can we know just what the fuck is really going on? It seems to be one fucking con after another in this country. ARE THEY FOR REAL- Just how fucking stupid were we when we allowed them to train the pilots for 911? Please send me something useful, these monsters are larger than life and I need some help to stop all this unconstitutional activity. This website is not a fictitious story it’s a real factual event that involves the corruption of our legal system in America including our highest court.

Shoot any ideas to: editor@frankgoesnuclear.com


10-20-2018 Just how much money is it worth to extend your life for 30 days or so?

A friend of mine had his insurance company pay about 1 million dollars for about 45 days of suffering before he died. He said I’m covered for 80% so let’s do it. Now let’s suppose only 500 people in America do this every year. That would be 500 X $800,000 which equals 400 million dollars for just 500 people for an extra 45 days. Can you imagine how many extra people we could take care of if there was an extra 400 million in the insurance pool. Even if there was some kind of limit for saving a life for 45 days that would be helpful I think. If you told me it would take a million dollars from the insurance pool to get me another 45  days, I’d say fuck you help someone else. Do doctors make mistakes, they do of course they’re human: so why do people think they can recover millions of dollars for a mistake when a relative dies from that mistake? Some doctors are paying as much for their insurance as they make for an entire year which means we are paying twice as much for a few mistakes that are realistically going to happen anyway just because they are human. If you ever watch someone dying of bone cancer you will start to wonder why can’t legally end this person’s suffering. There are only 7 states that have legalized medically assisted suicide and bone cancer may not qualify in all seven states.

I know these comments are off my main subject of total legal reform but I feel they are important. Our lawmakers and our courts are fucked up and they may never get their heads out of their asses: so to speak.


10-15-2018 America Seems to have a Drug Problem

Just how much are Americans paying for legal drugs in this country – that is the question?

Did you see this Humana Inc. ad on TV? They are advertising that last year their members saved an average of $6900.00 on prescription drugs. Let’s take a look at that number – $6900 per year divided by 12 is $575 per month per member for drug savings on average. Let’s assume for a moment that they only have a million members: that works out to saving $575,000,000 per month, on prescription drugs in America. Now according to the internet they had, as of 2014, over 13 million members so 13 times 575 million equals 7.475 Billion dollars in savings per month for these 13 million. So it just not our legal system that is out of control: America also has a serious legal drug problem with prescription drugs: please check my math:

Estimated savings for these 13 million + people in a year is: $7.475 Billion per month X 12 months = $89.7 Billion dollars savings per year for just these 13 million + people.

(Note their are about 325 million people in America) So ask yourself if this company is saving just 13 million people almost $90 billion a year just how much is the average America Citizen paying for legal drugs. Some Americas can’t seem to understand why health insurance is so high when they have these high priced prescription drugs covered in their policies.

As a note from Fortune > Health – Life Expectancy in the U.S. has dropped for the second year in a row. Wake up America read the risks and decide if you really need that drug don’t let the doctor decide for you, unless you’re brain dead of course. Remember our government is not regulating any illegal drugs with purity or dosage and they wonder why there are so many deaths in America: are they brain dead, you know my answer.

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