Sex is the New Weapon in America!

We must apologize because we was sending the wrong message in previous posts concerning: Sex is the new weapon in America.

Since our last posts, sex has become a bigger problem in America and it is worst than we thought.

A girl recently told us: “The younger guys don’t have a sex drive like you older men had or have”. So the question becomes – Why is this happening to some of our young boys?

First let’s define RAPE. Rape is a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse or other forms of sexual penetration carried out against a person without that person’s consent. The word usually in the definition today might mean: an unwanted touch on a shoulder which is a serious sexual harassment charge for some judges in America today. The laws are so out of control that a person killing your son or daughter because of texting has far less punishment than a sexual misdemeanors today.

Anyway the current laws in America allow a women to tell the courts – “he had no consent” – and women have as long as they want to report it even if that event might have happened decades ago. No evidence is needed just her word and that can destroy any man in America. And let’s face it some women have been getting away with murder.

There is no defense unless you can prove that the woman was lying under oath. And even if you find the lies and perjury evidence of the woman, the appeals courts will not correct it if sex related. This sex weapon is so bad that the U.S. Supreme Court did not even try to correct a fraudulent sexual misdemeanor case. Even after showing the court substantial evidence that a State Court had hid perjury testimony and then they were forced to commit fraud again in a Federal Court to hide all their malfeasance activities: the U.S. Supreme Court would not touch it. So we have a very serious sexual problem going on in America!

The courts and our lawmakers don’t understand how many lives are negatively effected when sex charges are brought up. They really don’t understand that some women are evil and that they can use the courts to screw anyone they want. I know most of you know a women that has screwed a man if it went to court. For some men sexual harassment is the same or worst than a rape charge and many have suffered financial ruin just on allegations.

Frank’s main problem is that he is a civilized man but they have been pushing to many buttons and his patience is running thin! Frank wants you to try to imagine this true story that he’s about to tell you. As a note: All the supporting evidence of this story is on this website.

“Imagine a girl you are raising happens to be the smartest girl you ever met. Imagine a girl with a smile that could stop a war or argument in a heart beat. Imagine that girl running to you every-time you picked her up, jumping into your arms and hugging you like she hadn’t seen you in days. Now imagine the mother wanting to destroy that girl’s love for you because of a divorce and custody battle. Now I want you to imagine that mother using forged life insurance policies to brainwash the girl: implying that you were going to kill this girl and her whole family for money. Causing an orchestrated result for the mother that the girl will never be able to look or talk to you again. I would like you to stop and think for a moment – what would this do to a child’s mind believing that someone she loved so much was out to kill her and her family? I wish I could show you what this did to Frank’s girl Kathryn but it is so heinous it’s a miracle she survived the mental torture. Imagine that you fought an unconstitutional and fraudulent conviction for misdemeanors all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court with all the evidence proving the State and Federal fraud and they refused to hear or correct it. Worst yet imagine the girl Kathryn continuing to suffer with the false death threats, have no meaningful relationships, losing her child by court order etc. etc. Now imagine just how livid this would make you feel if the U.S. Supreme Court had all the evidence of State and Federal fraud and would not hear it. You can’t even imagine that they knowingly have allowed your girl to be subjected to more mental torture and will continue to suffer more terrifying nightmares etc. after suffering for more than 20 years already?” These facts are real and the legal system has helped to create a sex weapon that is destroying our values and some children in America.

If we don’t start looking for a fair legal system in this country we’ll be in serious trouble. Destroying men with these new sex weapons in our American courts will have lasting repercussions and apparently some of our younger men are starting to change and feel it. The psychological effects and mental health in this country will suffer if men can’t fight these sexual weapons. All men are created equal, well kiss my ass we are all created differently. The culture today and all of our lawmakers believe that men and women have a switch for their sexual drive and the switch only turns on when they reach 18 years old. This myth has created a sex weapon orchestrated by evil women and religious extremists in America. These myths have created laws that have caused some men 18 years old to be put on the Megan List for life even after they married the girl of their dreams who was under age at the time. These same myths have allowed some women to control their husbands by making their husbands do shit that they don’t want to do: just for the promise of sex. Come on men when will you wake up? Maybe the younger men today have finally realize they don’t want to be controlled anymore? Or maybe they see that sex with an American women is just too much trouble so maybe they are being forced to shut off any sexual drive for women? Some men have used the red light district in Amsterdam to avoid the women problems in America? Hallelujah…… and God help all the good American women in this country but there just isn’t enough of them: that’s probably why we have a 40 to 50 percent divorce rate in America. It would be a lot higher if some men realized that being forced and controlled by a women is not good for the soul. And since our lawmakers apparently only want to protect women and children, equal protection under the law is now just another legal myth in this country. If a man gets killed, so what, if a child gets killed OMG it’s an American culture! Our courts and lawmakers are now America’s New God and they know how to protect themselves, control us, steal our money and they know their life is more important than yours. As America’s legal system including Congress sinks to their lowest level, we want to believe In God We Trust: but Frank knows these Gods can’t be trusted. When Frank hears them say God Bless America he thinks: yes where else could you have so much power and money for your family and friends while keeping the working American families happy with just a bare-minimum. Yes it’s OK work two jobs, get somebody to watch your children and have a wonderful day: we’re keep working for you?

I’ve had thousands of comments on my older posts and I hope this posting strikes a bigger nerve. English please, and I’m sorry we can’t read them all and we won’t post any of them because we don’t have time to clean and check for new viruses that have been hidden in some. We will use some of comments for future posts. Thanks for your support!


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