Attorney Dave Ridge one BAD attorney!

So why did you plead no contest to misdemeanors Frank?

Because of one lying dumb-ass fucking attorney and one fucking State called Pennsylvania repeatedly committing fraud. Did the fucking courts correct it- hell no!

Well my freaking attorney Dave Ridge told me on the morning of my trial Pennsylvania has a law that says one person’s testimony is enough for conviction in this State for misdemeanors. How Pennsylvania end-runs the United States Constitution is criminal. So he says my advice to you Frank is to plea no contest and avoid State time…you could get some county time with work release because you have no prior record. Well fuck you Mr. Asshole. Dave Ridge is the brother of former Homeland Security Head (Tom Ridge) and ex governor of PA. Dave only survives because he gets clients because of his brother’s career but he is one dumb son of bitch. On that morning of my trial other friends and relatives heard Dave say (take a no contest plea and avoid State time) so they believed I’d get no State time which was total BS. When I submitted their affidavits to the Federal Court in Erie to confirm what Mr. Asshole said about no State time to Susan Baxter in the Federal Court in Erie she told me the affidavits were hearsay -get this- after reading that these people heard Tom Ridge say this. No court would even consider finding Dave for ineffective assistance of counsel he had too many sick political connections. Susan Baxter is such a biased judge she should be in jail unless she can prove she is mentally ill or a certified simpleton. The lower court judge Ernest DiSantis does not understand justice at all and he ruled against me every time, even when I showed him the suppression of false testimony by Pennsylvania right after Susan Baxter’s dismissal. DiSantis said I sent the evidence in too late even though I was pro se so I called him a cock sucker and appealed to the next court. Ernest DiSantis is a prick, a certified simpleton and certainly guilty of hate crimes. The city of Erie made him the President Judge which shows you that simpletons do rule in Erie, Pennsylvania. When I went to the FBI they said get more evidence of this fraud by Pennsylvania and let the courts handle it: so I did and gave it to the U.S. Supreme Court and they told me fuck you, we don’t have time to hear it! Hard to believe????? – well I have all the smoking gun evidence proving this miscarriage of justice so have at it America before they come after you. Sex maybe the new weapon in American and punishment is worst than killing someone in some cases. Texting and DUI deaths can have less punishment than sexual misdemeanors charges in America. And now Charlie Rose at 75 years old got his life taken away for stories of sexy talk and grabbing some people (not rape) but what’s the difference the punishment is about the same and maybe worst. Jesus Christ some women are getting the shit beat out of them and some men just get a PFA in this country as long as no sex was involved. But now sex talk and touching a woman’s ass can ruin a man’s life forever in this country. Just what the fuck is going on America? Men please remember woman have full control of any physical attraction and if her boyfriend or husband finds out she had you, say hello to rape charges: trust no women when it comes to sex even if she said yes because later it could become no in the courts. You college men must understand when a college girl gets drunk and takes all her clothes off you are looking for death even if you want to help her sober up or protect her in this country: for God’s sake stay away you can’t win in these situations because some girls never want to be blamed for anything just have fun. So if you were drunk too, guess where you are going: the law protects woman and children regardless and the legal system can even commit fraud upon the courts to hang you if sexual stories are alleged which I can attest to. Guys always flush used condoms down the toilet because you don’t want your DNA inside it showing up where it wasn’t. Some men are being blackmailed for money just on a threat of a sexual story so check out this website you could be next.