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Frank says the United States Legal System is out of control!
The United States Legal System is a corrupt, biased, and politically controlled - Do we need a change?
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Wake Up America — Our Legal System is Out of Control


Their actions are totally insane!


I’m almost ashamed to be called an American. If you look at the confusion of the minds in America you’ll start to wonder if most of our elected officials are suffering from a by-polar disorder. The United States Supreme Court ignores over 95% of the cases before it and they force us to believe – that is good access to their court: that shows you what simpletons they are. Thus we have the States that use the lower courts to get away with fraudulent activities and our Congress or the United States Supreme Court will not even address it. And then this highest court tells us: ‘don’t question our legal system and/or we will hurt you if you get in our way’. I have smoking gun evidence that the U.S. Supreme Court has protected Pennsylvania’s repeated fraud in the lower courts and they have refused to address it. How can we have law and order in America when our highest court in the land allows States to commit fraud and refuses to correct it? Have you noticed that our political parties fight just like the old Mafia gangs when they want the control of the next seat in our U.S. Supreme Court. Acting like a Godfather when selected and seated in our highest  court – the justices demand and expect us to believe that they have no political biases. I got news for these assholes: the political biases are there and the legal system is in need of many reforms and I intend to lead the charge. Most of our lawmakers have serious biases and most laws contain their biases. Their actions are criminal and if you check this blog out entirely you will be afraid of them just like I am!

We have so many unconstitutional laws, rumors, opinions, and security leaks that there may not be a way out of this mess. Keep in mind Congress and the United States Supreme Court will never correct or expose their fraudulent activities so you all should be as concerned as I am. Our lawmakers are out of control and the legal system is nothing but a vehicle to protect the corruption within their legal system not our legal system. Government prosecutors have all the money they need to railroad or frame anyone they want, so if you are not a millionaire you won’t have much of a chance in any American court.  This whole legal system is like a New Mafia in America, so hold on to your hat, things could get very ugly soon. If you want to protect your family stop the me, me, me and start looking at our lawmakers: the bastards that are ruining this country. We don’t need more police controlling U.S. citizens we need police checking out the corruption in our courts and our government: with a punishment set by the American People. Yes big money does controls our lives, our courts, and our government. And big money controls our highest court – the U. S. Supreme Court. Wait to you see the evidence I have on these bastards showing all the illegal shit they have pulled off just to protect the corrupt legal system in America and there is nothing I or you can do about it: unless we all go nuclear!


Frank Goes Nuclear

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Evidence of the False Testimony & PA Fraud – Supreme Court Does Nothing


Fraud    It’s Payback Time!

The following shows the victim’s testimony, then I show you the documents that were hidden by Pennsylvania which proves the victim’s false testimony and perjury. All this evidence was shown to the Supreme Court and was shown clear enough for the simplest of minds but obviously went over the heads of the judges seated on the Supreme Court. This is appalling decide for yourself.

Preliminary Court Documents – year 1995


Here’s the evidence more readable from Preliminary Court Documents above, concerning the false testimony that was shown on Pages 132-134 in my Petition to the U.S. Supreme Court:

This was sworn testimony by Kathryn at the preliminary hearing with my attorney asking the questions in 1995:

My attorney: When you were younger you had to go talk to people from Rape Crisis when you were younger?

Kathryn answers: NO

My attorney: Do you remember talking to a counselor when you were younger?

Kathryn answers: Yes But they never asked me about — if I was ever sexually abused?

       Here’s part of the Police Report – concerning four boys with a knife: proving her false testimony/perjury when she was younger in 1987.


False testimony confrimedask


Please Note: This 1987 Police Report involving an indecent assault and rape counseling was completely erased from Kathryn’s memory by her mother and others. Kathryn was five years old at the time of this police report and six years later this police report and the sexual counseling was denied and replaced with a totally different assault story. How the Supreme Court of the United States dismissed PA’s fraudulent conviction makes this a criminal conspiracy by our American legal system: it is heinous and appalling!

Maybe Kathryn thought she had to go the Rape Crisis Center for ice cream? She said they never asked if she was sexually abuse?

 Here’s the letter she was regarding on Nov 5th 2001 not the 4th:

The 4th was a typo error on page 151 to U.S. Supreme Court.



Please note that the Rape Crisis Center was required by law to report this to the Erie County and Youth Service Agency and although my attorney filed a motion for discovery to them for this evidence and was granted a hearing to show cause it was finally denied because the Commonwealth of PA said they had supplied all discovery when obviously they did not. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania knew false testimony was my only defense and they killed every path to discover the false testimony including fraudulently lying to a Federal Court of Law to keep it hidden. Thus our American Legal System is a fucking joke and they protect their fucking members like dictators do. When the United States Supreme Court fucked me I went out of control for a while, now I’m out to fuck them if I can get the American People to help me get rid of these imbeciles.

This protectionism is repeatedly seen today with our legal authorities protecting some cops who are committing murder when they were investigating misdemeanors crimes – hey your tail light was out shoot the fucker or he was breaking windows shoot the fucker: what the hell is going on? Who would have ever thought we might be getting closer to being more afraid of being shot by a police officer than a drug dealer? Our legal system is out of control – we need to act now!


If you have any ideas on this send them to:



America Has Gone Crazy               Congress Out of Control

The Supreme Court and Congress are Out of Control

God              It’s Payback Time!

Justices of the Supreme Court you have a problem here. I sent you evidence certified by an attorney of law that Pennsylvania committed fraud upon a Federal Court and you dismissed it? Are you out of your f–king minds? I’m hoping now to show social media my evidence so we can get rid of you assholes and I’m not talking about the new Justice, Neil Gorsuch. The Justices sit there and tell American Citizens we are Legal Gods and access to our court in going to be limited to 2 or 3% of the cases that you give to us – that doesn’t seem like much access to me? Then you tell us if you attack our legal system in any way you will certainly be denied any consideration and we shall reserve the right to fine and punish you if we want. Frank Nuclear says go F__k yourselves, clean up your act or get the hell out of there.


The United States Supreme Court willfully, wrongfully, and unconstitutionally protected the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for committing fraud in a Federal Court of Law? Not only did this freaking State of Pennsylvania hid false testimony in the lower court they told a Federal Court that my evidence of false testimony was excluded in the lower court so it can’t be used. I have the evidence proving this was a total lie to this Federal Court just to further protect their asses for a railroaded conviction for misdemeanors. Thus when I finally got my hands on the hidden evidence of false testimony and showed it to this Federal Court: Pennsylvania told this Federal Court that it was excluded in the lower court so my case was dismissed by this court. I was so pissed off I went to the FBI and the FBI told me to get more evidence and let the courts handle it so I hired an attorney to search the entire lower court records and he affirmed that the evidence of false testimony was not excluded in the lower court.  When I gave this evidence to the United States Supreme Court these Supreme Court Justices failed to even address this obstruction of justice by Pennsylvania. I have all the evidence that was submitted to the U. S. Supreme Court and they ignored all of it so I want the American People to judge and punish these Supreme Court Judges. The main problem is that the Justices do not have any justice in them at all, it’s all smoke and mirrors which makes this such a historical miscarriage of justice. And I’m not talking about the new Judge Neil Gorsuch but the rest of them. I swear all this evidence is in court records and the fraud by PA was totally ignored and covered up by our United States Supreme Court. As an Honorable Discharged Veteran I am totally appalled that this kind of illegal activity can happen in America. If you read all of this evidence on this website you will see why I’m nuclear.

This mistake by the United States Supreme Court has allowed my ex, Chris Boyd Sontag now Chris Sanders to literally destroy my step daughter. My ex induced and suggested violent indecent assault stories and used forged life insurance policies from Erie Insurance Exchange to instill false death threats into her very own daughter. I know these life insurance policies were forged because Scott Wood said he forged my name on them to win a contest at the company. The orchestrated stories by my ex to brainwash my step daughter were so strong that Kathryn forgot real life assaults and testified to the suggested stories by her mother causing Kathryn to commit false testimony and perjury. These actions had ruined Kathryn’s life and these instilled fears have been causing Kathryn frightening nightmares to this day.  The United States Supreme Court has ignored my evidence and this has allowed Kathryn’s fears to continue. I have been so concerned about the legal system in this country that I have ignored the well being of Kathryn so I’m going nuclear to end Kathryn’s suffering.


For Congress:

Congress you can kiss my ass, no hold that: fuck you for end running our Constitution because most of you can’t read it or understand it very well. Here’s a hint for you assholes – You can not pass any ex post facto laws you simpletons. Do you have any idea how many ex post facto laws have been created, changed over and over again, and our Governors are signing these new ex post facto laws into law every year. You’re fucking nuts and I’m hoping that the American people are starting to see that you are certified simpletons.

The Truth Be Told



International Man Video

The American Nightmare

Reform our Out of Control legal system

Attorney confirms Pennsylvania’s Fraud – Supreme Court does nothing!

Supreme Court   It’s Payback Time!


I now show page 157 that was submitted to the Supreme Court in a PETITION FOR WRIT OF CERTIORARI showing that I had repeatedly filed motions claiming that the Commonwealth of PA fraudulently lied to a Federal Court by stating that my new found evidence proving false testimony was excluded, when it was not suppressed or excluded by them. I repeatedly told this Federal Court that the Commonwealth was lying but it was like talking to a wall. Talk about a wall: Susan Baxter, the Federal Judge, told me it was not her duty to investigate PA fraud. Our whole legal system is brain dead obviously.

 I repeatedly told this Federal Court that PA was lying.


Showing false testimony is the only defense for misdemeanor sex crimes so after this Federal Court screwed me over I went to the FBI and they said we can’t help you but you get the evidence and let the courts handle it. So I then hired an attorney, William Hathaway, Esq., to get the evidence to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the Commonwealth of PA was indeed committing fraud and lying to this Federal Court and submitted this to the U.S. Supreme Court – they said it’s a sex crime fuck him. So here’s the proof that the Commonwealth of PA did indeed lie to this Federal Court to hid their fraudulent conviction for misdemeanors. The following evidence was shown on pages 144-146 to these simpletons and they dismissed it. See for yourself it is black and white for IQ’s higher than 70.



 Sex is the new weapon in America especially when you have to take misdemeanors all the way to the highest court in America and can’t win even when you prove a fraudulent conviction. These fuckers are nuts! 

Here’s the evidence of false testimony and why they committed fraud