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Frank says the United States Legal System is out of control!
The United States Legal System is a corrupt, biased, and politically controlled - Do we need a change?
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America’s Legal System is Out of Control

The America Legal System is not God!

I’m almost ashamed to be called an American. If you look at the confusion of the minds in America you’ll start to wonder if most of our elected officials are suffering from a by-polar disorder. The United States Supreme Court ignores over 95% of the cases before it and they say we have access to the courts: that shows you what simpletons they are. Thus we have the States and the lower courts getting away with fraudulent activities and our Congress and the Supreme Court keep saying ‘don’t question any of our legal brotherhood and/or we will hurt you if you get in our way’. Did you notice that our political parties fight like the old Mafia gangs when they want control of the next seat in our Supreme Court. This is a Godfather position and then they want us to believe that their man has no biases. I got news for these assholes: the legal system is in need of many reforms and I intend to lead the charge. Most of these lawmakers have serious biases and most laws contains these biases. Their actions are criminal and if you check this blog out entirely you will be afraid of them just like I am!

We have so many unconstitutional laws, rumors, opinions, and leaks that there may not be a way out of this mess. Yes you all should be scared. Our lawmakers are out of control and the legal system is nothing but a vehicle to protect the corruption within their legal system. Government prosecutors have all the money they need to railroad anyone they want, so if you are not a millionaire you won’t have a chance in any court.  This whole legal system is like a New Mafia in America, so hold on to your hat, things could get very ugly soon. If you want to protect your family stop the me, me, me and start looking at our lawmakers: the bastards that are ruining this country. We don’t need more police controlling U.S. citizens we need police checking out the corruption in our courts and our government: with a punishment set by the American People. Yes big money does controls our lives, our courts, and our government. And big money controls the entire legal system including the U. S. Supreme Court. Wait to you see the evidence I have on these bastards showing all the illegal shit they can pull off to railroad anybody and there is nothing you can do about it: unless we all go nuclear!


Frank Goes Nuclear

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Evidence of the False Testimony & PA Fraud – Supreme Court Does Nothing


Fraud            Fuck You It’s Payback Time!


Here’s the Evidence of false testimony from Pages 132-134 in my Petition to the U.S. Supreme Court:

This was sworn testimony by Kathryn at the preliminary hearing with my attorney asking the questions:

My attorney: When you were younger you had to go talk to people from Rape Crisis when you were younger?

Kathryn answers: NO

My attorney: Do you remember talking to a counselor when you were younger?

Kathryn answers: Yes But they never asked me about — if I was ever sexually abused?

       Here’s the Police Report – concerning four boys with a knife.


False testimony confrimedask


Please Note: This 1987 Police Report involving an indecent assault was completely erased from Kathryn’s memory by her mother and others. Kathryn was five years old at the time of this police report and six years later this police report and the sexual counseling is denied and replaced with a totally different assault story. The railroad conviction began in the lower court then the Commonwealth of PA committed fraud in a Federal Appeals Court to cover their ass. How the Supreme Court of the United States then dismissed PA’s fraud makes this a criminal conspiracy by our American legal system: it is heinous and appalling! These criminal acts were committed by the highest court in America, the United States Supreme Court!

Smoking Gun Evidence – Kathryn did talk to Rape Crisis concerning sexual abuse!


Here’s how I got the above hidden evidence with the reference letter dated Nov 5th, 2001 not the 4th as referenced: