Attorney Dave Ridge Not Qualified to be an Attorney or a Judge!

  Just for you Dave! And now you’re running for Judge what the hell is that all about? I have to expose you because I can’t let you be a Judge in my home town – it just won’t be right.

After you see the following evidence you might flip this man the bone! And he’s definitely not worth $15/hr.

Criminal Prick

 Frank says if you want justice in Erie PA don’t elect this prick! Hoping these nuclear words hurt you Dave – I owe you this one! It’s to bad there isn’t a court in America that will expose you: so I must use the internet and social media. I’m starting with you Dave but you are not the only problem in America.

The following will show how unethical this prick is and you’ll see why you shouldn’t trust this attorney and why he should never be a judge.

To Dave a Personal Message: Dave – by getting rid of the forged life insurance policies you have confirmed in a young girl’s mind that the death threats orchestrated by her mother must be real. Thus you helped to create heinous nightmares for this young girl which has caused her serious mental problems for over 20 years now. I loved my step daughter and no one has ever loved me more, so threatening her was not possible. You should be in jail with my ex and I hope that happens to you and the other conspirators named here.

Charges were filed for misdemeanor death threats and assaults and the DA in Erie PA offered a deal to Dave Ridge which was to reduce six misdemeanor charges to one misdemeanor count if Frank would plead guilty. Frank knew Kathryn was lying her ass off and had already committed perjury at the preliminary hearing so naturally Frank refused that offer and wanted a trial. Frank had no idea that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania would willfully and wrongfully hide Kathryn’s perjury testimony from the courts and Frank wrongfully assumed Dave Ridge was a honest attorney. Kathryn was lying her ass off and Frank does have her false testimony from court records that she did indeed lie and gave false testimony under oath. You will soon see how Kathryn was mentally tortured with the false death threats by her own mother and coached to say whatever her mother said. Frank starts with the first stab in the back from this unethical attorney before trial when Dave Ridge assisted in getting these forged life insurance policies removed from court records that were being used for death threats against Frank. Chris Boyd Sontag Sanders, Kathryn’s mother had used the life insurance policies to convince Kathryn that Frank was going to kill her and her family: orchestrated just to destroy any love Kathryn had for Frank: the only problem was, Chris didn’t know they were forged policies when she told Kathryn – see Frank was going to kill you and the rest of us. After Frank told Dave Ridge they were forged policies, this stupid dork helped to cover up the forged policies partly to protect his brother and Erie Insurance. Erie Insurance was running contests to win free trips for a few agents who got the most life insurance policies sold before a certain date which caused my agent, Scott Wood, to forge Frank’s signature on four life insurance policies and Scott paid the premiums out of his own pocket, just to win the trip from Erie Insurance. These policies came to Frank’s house and his ex Chris had filed them since Frank had not said anything about them. Unethical Dave Ridge then warned the Commonwealth of PA of these forged documents because he wanted to protect Erie Insurance Exchange from potential lawsuits and wanted to protect his brother the ex-Governor of PA, Tom Ridge, who had previous ties to Erie Insurance Exchange. Anyway this stupid dork was not ready for the morning trial and he had said nothing until the very morning of trial about a Pennsylvania law which somehow allows one person’s testimony to convict you for misdemeanor assaults. But before Frank goes into more of Dave Ridge’s unethical activities let him explain what lead to the charges. First, his step daughter had been dealing with sex at five years old and had even filed a sexual assault at Grandview in 1987 by four boys with a knife. Just after this assault Frank decided to move to a better location in 1988. Frank had no idea that the assault by four boys could affect children at the new location which ended up starting another investigation in 1994 at Kathryn’s school. Frank’s ex filed for divorce in October 1992 because Frank had told her months before that he was getting a divorce when his son Jon turned seven years old which would have happened on April 3rd 1993.  When Frank’s ex had tried repeatedly to blackmail him to adopt Kathryn he had heard from one of her girlfriends that Chris just wanted Kathryn adopted for support money if they ever divorced, after that Frank couldn’t adopt her. When Kathryn’s real father came into the picture, Kathryn made Frank a friend not her father anymore.

Anyway the Commonwealth of PA knew Kathryn had indeed filed indecent assault charges against four boys with a knife in 1987 on East Grandview and they knew Kathryn went for sexual counseling at the Rape Crisis Center in 1987 for this assault and they knew Kathryn had denied all this under oath. Kathryn’s mother used the forged insurance policies in 1995 to erase any love Kathryn’s may have had for Frank. These death threats caused Kathryn to erased all the events of this Millcreek Police Report of the assault and believe stories told by her mother. Thus Kathryn TESTIFIED that she never had any sexual counseling concerning any sexual assault when she was younger. Kathryn did remember talking to a counselor but she said they never asked her if she was sexually abused. Kathryn then told the DA that Frank was the only one that had ever assaulted her from 1986 to 1988 on East Grandview. Thus after the Commonwealth of PA heard Kathryn’s testimony under oath about not remembering any sexual assault by four boys and denying any related sexual counseling they knew that they had to make the Police Report and the sexual counseling at Rape Crisis disappear. The Commonwealth of PA had to made sure it stayed that way, even when they had to lie to a Federal Appeals Court which they did and Frank has that evidence. Dave Ridge refused to even check out Frank’s claims of the false testimony even after Frank told him there was a filed Police Report for the 1987 sexual assault and Frank told him Kathryn indeed went to the Rape Crisis for counseling . What did this fucker do, he believed that PA had given all discovery to him and Frank must be lying about it and he calls himself a criminal attorney? Frank now has all the evidence of Kathryn’s perjury? Frank has the police report about the four boys with a knife and the evidence of Kathryn’s sexual counseling at Rape Crisis which she had totally denied under oath. It even gets worse; the Commonwealth of PA had doubled the assault charges because Frank moved his step daughter from that troubled sexual neighborhood at Grandview to a new home on Coleridge. So because Frank moved Kathryn away from that sexual assault to a new address the charges were doubled. So the girly man in Erie, Marshall Prick-asini representing Pennsylvania, now made it appeared as two separate assaults and not a continuous assault. Some of the sexual activities at Grandview had carried on at the Coleridge school because some one started asking questions about the sexual behavior of a few children at the school. This was happening during Frank’s divorce and custody battle so his ex started orchestrating her con stories of the century. The problem is Kathryn is still having heinous nightmares from the mental torture caused by the forged insurance policies which were used by the mother to instill death threats. The mother has never been questioned or charged for endangerment of a child but should have been if Dave hadn’t helped to get rid of the evidence. Kathryn has believed all her mother’s exacerbating death stories and induced Kathryn to tell a new abuse story which forced Kathryn to commit perjury in a court of law. Frank saw the rehab report for Kathryn and talked to her afterwards and if Frank could dare tell you what this has done to Kathryn and the heinous mental torture she has suffered and it still suffering, which was caused entirely by her mother and this legal system you would certainly have them all committed or locked up for life. Frank must also mention the damage caused to all families involved: damage so bad Chris Boyd used her fraudulent tricks to make Frank’s son, Jon, change his name to hers: one very sick mentally ill person.

Again, on the morning of trial and not before, this stupid ass attorney, Dave Ridge, tells Frank – one person’s testimony is enough for a conviction in Pennsylvania. What kind of dumb ass holds this kind of info from his client until the morning of trial? He tells Frank: “Definitely consider the no contest plea and avoid State time”. This mother disgrace demanded and took Frank’s $10,000 for trial just weeks before trial and then tells him on the morning of trial: “Hey Frank this could happen if we go to trial, consider a no contest plea because if we don’t win you’ll get State time: remember one person’s testimony is enough for conviction in this State. You have no criminal record and you’ll save Kathryn the embarrassment of trial so the judge will take it easy on you maybe some county time with work release. Because I loved Kathryn so much and didn’t want to embarrass her and the fact that I just wanted to go to Houston and start my new job I said OK. After Frank took the no contest plea and made it official Dave says: go to Houston and start your new job we are done now.” So like a damn fool Frank had listened to this prick, when Frank got back from Houston for sentencing his life was destroyed, Frank got sentenced to six freaking years in a State prison sentenced by an unethical, biased, and apparently abused Judge named Ernest DiSantis. What could be worst, Frank had to do the six freaking years in a State prison because the Commonwealth of PA’s prison system demanded Frank to admit guilt to the no contest misdemeanor charges or he would be denied parole until he did. Frank’s ethic principals forced him to max out because he just couldn’t force himself to admit to all these freaking lies just to get parole. Because the Commonwealth was hiding all Frank’s defense evidence, this freaking state had denied him any defense for this type of crime and Dave did absolutely nothing for Frank except screw him in the ass. Frank finally got all the hidden perjury evidence from jail so Dave Ridge could have gotten it too, if he was a criminal attorney. When Frank went to the appeals courts PA put their next fraud into play which would stop any appeal courts arguments and cost Frank 6 years of pure hell. The Commonwealth of PA (represented by a prick named Marshal Piccinini) did committed fraud in a Federal Court to protect PA’s unlawful and railroad conviction and that evidence follows. Here’s the fraud: This MF, Marshall Piccinini, told the Federal Court in Erie that Frank’s new found evidence proving false testimony/perjury was dismissed in the lower court and this fucker knew it was never dismissed, he just hid it. After repeatedly filings for re-considerations to this Federal court showing cause that the Commonwealth was lying and committing fraud, the bitch Justice (Baxter) in this Erie Federal Court told Frank it was not her duty to investigate any fraud committed by the Commonwealth of PA: so much for seeking justice in this Erie Federal Court. The head justice McLaughlin followed her lead and after all Frank’s court filings Erie Insurance decided to hire him, maybe for further protection? After this Federal bitch’s dismissal Frank sent the new found evidence back to Judge Ernest DiSantis and that MF told Frank that he had submitted the evidence too late. This SOB saw the false testimony of Kathryn and the fraud committed by the Commonwealth of PA in a Federal Court and the MF said Frank sent it in too late? Screw you previous President Judge Ernest DiSantis hope you rot to death soon! When Frank finally got out of prison six years later he went to the FBI and the FBI told him to get more evidence of PA’s fraud and let the Supreme Court handle it, so Frank hired an attorney to do just that. This attorney (Hathaway) has now confirmed the evidence Frank presented to the Federal Court proving false testimony was not excluded in the lower court and his official letter is on this site. See: Attorney confirms Pa’s Fraud. So Frank took these fraudulent misdemeanors all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court showing what his lying dumb-ass attorney had told him, proved the false testimony, showed what a biased prick the trial Judge Ernest DiSantis was, and the willful and wrongful fraud committed by the Commonwealth in a Federal Court of Law. The U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear it and implied FK YOU FRANK. Well to this Supreme Court Frank truly says back at you. The U.S. Supreme Court has thus protected PA’s fraud in State and Federal Court which literally puts an end to law and order in this country. Now you know why Frank went nuclear. Frank can only hope that these nuclear words hurt all of them. The courts say you can’t curse in this court room even when they are about to screw you in the ass: what an ego – absolute power and absolute corruption. As an Honorable Discharged Navy Aviation Technician Veteran Frank is appalled that this kind of corruption goes on in our America Legal System: we need reform and Frank could use some help because he hasn’t been able to expose them yet. It’s been like fighting a new unconstitutional Mafia with a feather and they just sit back and laugh.


Frank Goes Nuclear

Have a real crappy day Dave! You should be glad Frank’s a civilized man but if anything happens to Kathryn, Frank hopes U.S. American Citizens will help him get you and the others imprisoned! Erie people need to KNOW the real you!


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Or Help – things are out of control in this country – our legal system has been corrupted by most of our lawmakers in Congress, some Attorneys must have IQ’s less than 100 and some of our Judges are more criminal than the people they judge – much of our Media is offering opinions full of biases and untruths and all these people enjoy the extreme power they over us and their super egos are shamefully sickening. Frank has lost all respect for the entire legal system in America. So Frank is out to expose America’s corrupt legal system with his fraudulent and unconstitutional misdemeanors and the hidden forged life insurance policies that went all the way to a defunct and overwhelmed U.S. Supreme Court. Frank’s looking for Legal Reform – to end this type of corruption. If you been watching the news then you know things are Out of Control….


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